Where to Find Free Stock Images

If you’re looking for pictures to use for your product, site, ad, or application, chances are you’ve run into licensing issues. Most stock image sites aren’t free or require attribution, which makes them impractical for most uses. However, there are a few sites out there that give you access to great photos, drawings, clip art, and vector images, that are free to use in your commercial products. In this article, we will discuss some of those sites, as well as explain how to find free stock images on your own!

Google Images

Google images’ advanced search tool lets you search not only by tag, but by primary colours, style, size, age, and more. You can choose between faces, clip art, line drawings, photos, and animations. Google Images also lets you filter by license types. If you need a photo for your business page, simply select ‘Labelled for reuse with modification’, and any images you can find are yours to use! However, it is always advisable to visit the images source page, to ensure that the license matches the picture.

Public Domain Pictures

Public Domain Pictures is a library of over 203 thousand images, with more added every day. Arguably, PDP has less clip art than other stock image sites, but their selection of photography, illustrations, and digital illustrations, will leave you in a state of sensory bliss.


With over one million images and pictures, all licensed under CC0, Pixabay may be your one-stop shop for stock images! From exotic wildlife to ancient architecture, photos to clip art, Pixabay is filled with visually striking, emotionally provocative, and hilariously cute images, which are all free for your use.

Free Great Picture: Max Pixel

This site is a bit of a conundrum. They have great pictures (as the title suggests) that span 20 categories. However, Free Great Pictures declares that link referral is required. If you’re just looking at the images, and not reading the text in-depth, that may throw you off. To clarify: CC0 licensing is public domain, and no items under CC0 require attribution or referral. Once under CC0, the creator loses their right to make that demand. While of course they appreciate it, you are under no obligation to give them attribution for the image, in your commercial project.

Free Stock Photos

Free Stock Photos features more than 15,000 stock images, most of which are illustrations, clip art, and vector images. Spread through over a dozen categories, and more than 100 subcategories, Free Stock Photos’ wide selection of high-quality images may be perfect for your project!

Wikimedia Commons

Used primarily to store pictures for Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons contains a massive library of images. Not everything on Wikimedia is suitable, however, as numerous licenses are being used on various content. Wikimedia labels all the pictures with licensing information, usage rights, and more to ensure a hassle-free and productive visit.

With these sites and tools, you should have no problem finding yourself some great free stock images that you can use in your project! More sites are popping up every day with lots of recycled content, so make sure to read the licensing information, to guarantee your company doesn’t find itself a target to copyright lawsuits.


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