Examples of great explainer videos

Chances are you may have seen a recent explainer video and found it very useful. That’s because most of them are not only highly serviceable, they are also a powerful marketing tool. Companies all over the world have been turning to explainer videos to reach their targeted audience. There are many examples of great explainer videos which explain why they are so amazing. For the most part, animated videos are short and to the point. They primarily focus on three things; present a problem, solution and call to action. The visual audio marketing tools can be compared to commercials for the web.

A large majority of people are using affordable turn key viral explainer videos to reach potential customers. The return on investments which a great explainer video delivers are unequalled. This explains why so many in the marketing sector use them and recommend them to their clients. Businesses and websites use animated explainer videos for landing pages or for other causes. The end result is a way to bring people to their site and to sell whatever goods, services or products they have.

Individuals or companies thinking about the prices for explainer videos need to keep a few things in mind. The pricing will depend on what type you choose, how you go about creating it and other factors. For one, there are several different types of explainer videos. Whiteboard animated videos are typically the most popular. Some of the how to videos are created using screencast format. Others are done using live action or 3D animation.

There are also some great companies which can help you with the creation of your explainer videos. Reputable video creation companies such as SquareShip are renowned for their quality explainer video expertise. You can also find some inexpensive or free explainer video software to use. That will help cut down on your overall cost.

In case you have no idea about which type of explainer video you should use for you or your business, below are some examples. These are some of the best explainer videos ever made.

Walmart – Motion Graphics Explainer Video

The shopping giant Walmart utilized this great whiteboard explainer video to showcase what they can do for shoppers. The explainer video uses an easy to follow script and animations to get their point across. It shows exactly what a top rated product or services explainer video show look and sound like.

DollarShaveClub.com – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

This explainer video help catapult this company to the top of non-brand razors. The popular and widely shared video was an instant hit for the company. Using a simple to follow script, the explainer video showed people why they needed to stop paying so much for name brand razors. As of this day, this no-frills funny explainer video has obtained more than 25 million views on YouTube alone.

Who is the Content Marketing Institute? (2015)

The Content Marketing Institute used a mixture of different formats to produced and create this amazing audio visual ad. They used both animation and live action format to explain what they are all about. The easy to follow explainer video is a prime example of how to create a great one. For those looking into non-animation types, this one provides an idea.

What is the best explainer video style for your business?

Yum Yum videos is renowned for their powerful and highly successful explainer videos. They have been doing this for a few years now and showcase how they should be done. Not only can you learn about how top rated explainers videos should be made, but also about the concept itself. Their entire library is based on helping explain the visual audio concept. Yum Yum has some of the best animated explainer videos out there.

Unroll.Me – Email doesn’t have to suck

This live action explainer video from Unroll.Me uses a simplified message to explain something which frustrates a lot of people. The short and to the point video has more than 100K views.

What is Artificial Intelligence (or Machine Learning)?

For companies or individuals with software, platforms or products which are difficult to understand, explainer videos are a dream come true. The Hubspot explainer video proves that. They utilize animation to deliver their easy to understand message. Plus, the voice over on the video is also a prime example of what good explainer videos require.

Social Media Marketing – Social Marketing – Facebook Marketing

The Capital Media – Digital Media Advertising shows people a few things in this awesome explainer video. Viewers get to see exactly how powerful Facebook marketing can be. They also show how uncomplicated animation can deliver the message. The storyline is simplified which is essential. At the same time, the visuals are enjoyable. Add the narrator which does a great voice over and it combines for a great explainer video. The company proves that you don’t have to spend too much to create award winning animated explainer videos.

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