Best Website for Free Quality Stock Videos

It is the middle of winter: there’s snow everywhere, the local lake is frozen, and your boss suddenly had the great idea that your next corporate video should include a shot of a tropical beach.  Unfortunately, he’s not going to pay for a trip to Hawaii, so that you can get 30 seconds of footage. There’s good news though! With only a couple of clicks of your mouse, you can find high-quality stock video footage, free for use in your project!

 In this article, we take a look at some of the best providers of free stock videos and the offerings they provide so that you can make high quality, professional, exotic, and exciting videos, without having to leave your studio.


Pixabay has over 6,600 videos that are free to use in your videos. All released into the public domain; you can find stock footage for any video. The selection of animated video available on Pixabay may be lacking, but it is more than made up for, by the high-quality live action clips. Pixabay is also a wonderful place to get stock photos, vector graphics, and drawings.


VIDEVO has over 8 million stock videos available for free use including a wide selection of effects, and greenscreen ready animations. Unfortunately, some content on VIDEVO is licensed under Creative Commons 3, so you have to give attribution to the creators, but you can filter out CC3 licensed footage from search results. With an excellent selection of categories, VIDEVO’s videos come in SD, HD, and 4k.

Pexels Videos

Originally started as a site for stock photos, Pexels soon expanded to offer stock footage. All released under Creative Commons 0, videos on Pixels require no attribution and can be used for personal or commercial use. There may be some overlap between Pexels and other CC0/Public Domain video collections since creators like to share their content in multiple places, but Pexels does have a respectable amount of unique content.

Finding Footage

If you can get past the eyesore interface of this site, Finding Footage is a powerful resource, which searches through multiple stock footage sites, simultaneously. However, not all the places that Finding Footage searches are free, and they don’t display licensing information. Though you are likely to find that perfect piece of footage while using this service, make sure to check the source pages to see in what ways you can use it.


Free HD Stock Footage on Vimeo

Created nine years ago, Free HD Stock Footage has over 250 stock HD videos and is frequently updated with more. The group’s creator travels the world, creating footage and taking skilled videos, during his travels. All content from Free HD Stock Footage is attribution free and can be commercially or personally in your videos.


No, it’s not a typo, that’s their name. Purportedly Coverr videos are intended to be used on websites, but their license allows for use in any commercial and con commercial video. Their FAQ encourages using their footage in your videos, and no attribution is needed. What makes Coverr particularly great, is that they add seven new videos a week, ensuring a fresh source of content in your projects!

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